Hiya peoples!
We're Jeff and Eli from Austin, Texas! We both love music so much, and have been avid fans all our lives. I've been collecting albums since I was 7 years old, and I have wayyy too many - ask Eli - she's probably photographing some right now! I've been part of the music scene here in Austin for around 30 years; I played in bands, mixed FOH for many clubs, including Steamboat, Cannibal Club/Jelly Club, Mercado Caribe' and several others.

I was (and still am) a studio engineer and musician but make most of our living writing software for COMPANIES AND/OR COMPANY THAT SHALL NOT BE NAMED. 

Eli has known great musicians nearly her entire life, starting with Jazz and Blues musicians in Detroit, later in Los Angeles and finally showing up in Austin, only to have my dazzling self complicate everything! Woohooo!!!! She'll have me edit this later. We honestly would rather just buy and sell albums and other cool stuff, make recordings with friends, and maybe, just maybe, get to go to a bar to see live music and have a cold, cold beer without a virus taking us all out.

But we're here to talk about LP's! Our dinky online store is all about the vinyl, and lemme tell ya - we have a LOT of vinyl. I've collected for around 40ish years, I have around 6000 sides on my own but... My dad used to work for Columbia Records in the 50's and early 60's as an Account Rep (guy who brought records around to radio stations) and that only made things infinitely more unwieldy! He then started, in the 80's, to run used record stores, I worked in a few, pretty much combining his two favorite things, nerdy music and getting paid to listen to and collect nerdy music! Well he got older, and left everything to us. Around 100,000 used sides of every genre imaginable. We're cool with that, because we happen to listen to every genre imaginable. We have a LOT to sell.

And we realized we would also like to combine two of our favorite hobbies, nerdy music and getting paid to listen to nerdy music!

We can drink to that! A lot! :D Drop us a line, introduce yourself, let us know what's up, what you're looking for, and additionally, if you have a collection you're tired of lugging around, we can probably take that off of your hands as well - but I would first tell you to not sell it though, it only leads to heartbreak.

Stay safe, we hope you and yours are good, and man, seriously, please wear a mask until we don't have to.

Jeff & Eli